Q-Vents LLC
QVents is one of the newest Colorado EDM production companies, here to bring you the best beats around the local metro area. Q-Vents is a full-service event management company and artist collective based out of Colorado.

Created in 2014 from our passion in the Denver EDM community, we build up our EDM presence and create awareness by throwing shows and sponsoring stages both locally and nationally. Our fresh unique perspective and approach have contributed to a multitude of successful shows and festivals.

Mile High Spirits!

Mile High Spirits isn’t your grandpa’s fancy distillery. Our secret ingredient isn’t time and our still isn’t maintained by a mustachioed team of Belgian trained whiskey hipsters. We’ll never charge extra just for the shape of our bottle and despite the awards on our wall, we’re not in this for the glory. We’re in this for you; for all the people who believe that good spirits should be shared among friends, not displayed behind glass.

Cheers, Everyone.

Diego Pellicer

Diego Pellicer is a world-class dispensary, known for providing customers with a high-end experience at an exceptional value. Our passion for the plant shapes an expertly curated selection of premium products from the most respected brands in the country.

Whether you’re an OG connoisseur or just beginning your cannabis journey, Diego Pellicer’s concierge-style service will ensure you’re guided to purchase the best cannabis for you. We invite you and your friends to our beautiful store in Denver, CO to see the Diego difference and experience cannabis paradise!


We help people lead active and extraordinary lives through cannabis cultivation practices and strain development. Cherry believes in better living through plant technology. And this is as much about the mind as it is about the body. We believe plants can tune mind and body for relief, performance and an enhanced life experience..

Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer


Low cal doesn’t need to be lame. Introducing Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer made with real juice, a bold and great tasting new seltzer that knows how to party. Weighing in at 4.7% alcohol by volume with just 100 calories, Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer is a bold and refreshing alternative to your mom’s hard seltzer and gluten-free.

Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer is currently being introduced in a variety pack featuring three ridiculous and refreshing flavors, Berry Blast, Tropical Punch, and Pink Lemonade.

IMPACT Locally

Impact is a Denver based nonprofit serving 5,000+ homeless men, women and children in need every month. We host volunteer opportunities multiple times a week for individuals, groups and companies. Check out our calendar to find out what’s coming up next. As always thank you so much because we couldn’t do it without you!

The Functional Chocolate Company

We believe that treating your health should be a treat. And when you aren’t feeling your best, the last thing you need is another bitter pill to swallow. Premium chocolate stacked with clinically researched ingredients and proven botanicals is just better for those everyday health realities.

Elite Hydration

IV hydration therapy is the newest and most exciting health treatment to hit the market.  Elite IV Lounge is excited to be a part of the first wave of IV therapy centers. While our treatments are similar to other centers, Elite is unique in that it is affordable and accessible to all. Our clientele includes Denver socialites, first responders, musical artists, professional athletes, and those suffering from severe hangovers and chronic illnesses, all seeking a boost to their health and wellness. Elite IV Lounge is here to make a difference. Our IV therapy treatments are administered by experienced medical professionals at each of our three locations in Denver, Littleton, and Breckenridge, CO. 


Re-Up is everything healthy you need to keep you going, while avoiding the party ending “THUMP” you get from eating a big meal. 

Re-Up uses only the finest ingredients including 21 grams of the highest grade, most digestible Collagen protein, which allows for the highest absorption rates to replenish muscle mass. We use the highest-grade B-12 which plays a crucial role in helping the body produce energy and red blood cells while supporting neurocognitive health. 

Re-Up is committed to bringing you the highest grade products that allow you to maximize your experience…period!

128 Productions

When a collective of four music heads all involved in the Denver electronic scene came together, a new music production company was born: 128 Productions. Alex Padgett, Rob West, Brent Steinhause and Wesley Padgett felt that an emphasis on experience was missing in the Colorado house-music scene.

Since its creation in 2018, 128 has become a pivotal player and an inspiration to the Denver music community. 128 Productions focuses on a unique business approach and fully immersive experiences for show goers.

128 Productions – We Throw Vibes

Algorythym Designs

Algorythym Designs has been formulating special events all over the Continental US since 1996. Our company specializes in providing stunning decor’ and custom concert production for your events needs. We approach every project with the goal to create a surreal and unique atmosphere unlike any other event. We take pride in professional service and hassle free event coordination ranging from small scale to large scale events. Algorythym Designs is also your Inflatable Decoration headquarters. Take a look at our upcoming on line showroom of products to purchase for your next event!!We look forward to making your event stand out from the rest and provide an atmosphere that will leave clients wanting more.


Discology is the future of the silent-disco-dancing-experience. The revolutionary platform will allow music lovers to dance anywhere to the tunes they love without being tethered to the limitations that come with the standard hardware of a traditional silent disco. You can now navigate through various channels featuring multiple artists performing directly from your own phone and listen with your personal headphones or connected to the speaker of your choice. Discology is focused on making the music and dance experience more accessible by removing locational constraints and providing accessibility to make you feel better by dancing more. 


Sub.mission exists today for the same reason it began in 2007: dubstep. Powered by a passion for sounds that often elude the mainstream, Sub.mission carves a home for underground sounds at the foundation of Denver’s booming electronic music landscape. “Moving People Through Sound, Not Hype” is the collective’s motto and the .mission. An unwavering standard of quality coupled with dedication to dubstep’s subfrequent tradition defines Sub.mission’s approach to live events. More than a production company, Sub.mission is the heart of a movement.

Barbed Wire Reef

Specializing in wild game burgers, bratwursts, and seafood, Barbed Wire Reef roams the streets of Denver dishing out exotic meats like kangaroo, camel, antelope, alligator, and rattlesnake, to name a few. But the creativity of this thriving food truck doesn’t end there. Homemade aioli’s like “Jalapeño-Cilantro” add another layer of gourmet adventure to an already unique menu. Pair any burger with Hand-Cut Parmesan-Asiago Truffle Fries for a complete epicurean experience.



1906 is named for the last time cannabis was nationally accepted as a beneficial, versatile medicine. We believe it’s high time to bring cannabis back to the mainstream for the greater good (and the greater fun). Our mission is to revolutionize self-care with more effective, more accessible options for everyday needs. We have created six thoughtfully-engineered formulas to help you do all the life stuff better—whether that’s improving energy levels, relaxation, focus, mood, sex, or sleep. Each formulation is an optimal combination of medicinal plants and single-strain pesticide free cannabis. Every 1906 experience—whether it’s chocolate or a swallowable pill–contains a patented technology that makes it the fastest-acting edible in the world, with an onset of 20 minutes or less.

The Ravers Circle Podcast

Podcast about the Electronic Dance Music world and rave community. Check us out every Thursday night at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Standard Time via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter & Twitch