Instead of simply hosting back to back shows at this amazing venue, Serotonin Sound Series will be celebrating the long holiday weekend by offering guests a full “stay-cation” experience. New event upgrades will include additional production and performers, Discounted Multi-Day Packages, new expanded capacity ticketing & upgrades, exclusive custom curated late night silent disco sets after the main event – powered by Discology.

Guests that purchase multi-day packages will also enjoy on site day time activities and entertainment for guests as well as offsite daytime events!

Day Time Pool Parties – Powered by 128 Productions

Enjoy your SerotonINN Sound Series Stay-Cation with some fun in the sun. We will be hosting an on site daytime pool party curated by our friends at 128 Productions.

This event will follow all current local CDC guidelines.

Late Night Socially Distanced Silent Disco – Powered by Discology

The party doesn’t stop after the show ends! SerotonINN Sound Series has teamed up with our friends at Discology to bring a special silent disco right to your hotel rooms! We will have multiple artists and headliners performing special curated sets designed for those late night after party vibes. Guests will be able to tune into the silent disco and navigate between multiple sets from various artists right from their phones and can be bumped with your personal headphones or speakers right in your room. 

Elite IV Pop Up Lounge

IV Therapy to Boost Your Energy and Performance

IV Hydration: Get the Water Your Body Needs 

Party too hard on the first night?! Rookie move fam… but we’ve all been there.

Have no fear, SerotonnINN Sound Series is lucky enough to have the folks at Elite Hydration joining us for our daytime events with their custom Pop IV Lounge to get you hydrated, energized and back in the game!

IV hydration therapy is the newest and most exciting health treatment to hit the market.  Elite IV Lounge is excited to be a part of the first wave of IV therapy centers. While our treatments are similar to other centers, Elite is unique in that it is affordable and accessible to all. Our clientele includes Denver socialites, first responders, musical artists, professional athletes, and those suffering from severe hangovers and chronic illnesses, all seeking a boost to their health and wellness. . 

“Vein Champagne” Boost:

This boost helps the body to recover from a variety of different things, including hangovers, altitude sickness, jet lag, migraines, stomach bugs and menstrual cramping almost immediately. Effects last up to 8 hours.

B-12 Shots:

Increase energy, Improve sleep cycle, Increase production of red blood cells, Improve mood Combat fatigue